Marek Orszulik


Marek Orszulik began learning the piano at the age of eight, and guitar at nine. He gained a dual honours degree in Biological & Medicinal Chemistry and Music from Keele University in July 2005, where he proceeded on both piano and guitar. He continued his studies on the classical guitar with Mark Ashford at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, completing his Master of Music degree in June 2007. In addition, he has taken part in masterclasses with some of the world's best guitarists including Robert Brightmore, Graham Devine, Masayuki Kato, Roberto Aussel, and David Leisner. As a soloist he has performed in the Great Witley Recital Series (Worcestershire, UK), the Church Stretton Arts Festival (Shropshire, UK) and the First Guitar Festival of Valletta (Malta), as well as other prestigious venues and occasions.

Recent engagements include recitals for New Music Edmonton, and the Edmonton Classical Guitar Society, and a performance in the presence of His Highness, Aga Khan IV. Lately he has worked closely with British composer Andrew Glover-Whitley in the realization of his work, giving the world premiere performance of his epic Sonata for Guitar (written in 2006) at 2016 Edmonton Fringe Festival. He has since received several dedications from this composer including Two Pieces for Guitar, which he premiered at the Waterloo Region Contemporary Music Sessions (Wilfrid Laurier University, ON) in 2017.

Marek plays a guitar made in 2011 by Juan Alexander Grupalli.